We are a Christian-based dance studio based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are committed to using positive music, incorporating artistic moves and promote a modest dress code.

CK Dance Academy offers a wide variety of classes that are inclusive, energetic, challenging and non-competitive. Our dance studio offers a company program for those who love to perform more frequently.

Dance lessons are available for ages 2 through adult. Most of, we love to have FUN!

Benefits of dance class

Physical health

Dancing is a highly physical activity. Children who take dance lessons regularly should expect to see a significant improvement in their overall physical health. According to Pro Dance Center, regular dance practice can increase your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Self esteem

As children adjust to the movements and postures required in dance, they begin to get a better sense of their bodies. As they become more comfortable in their own skin, their confidence and self-esteem also improve. According to EduDance, dance lessons can encourage children to foster a more positive attitude and explore their own self-expression.


According to FamilyTalk Magazine, dance lessons can help children improve their social and communication skills, learn how to work as part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation and make new friends. If children are shy, enrolling them in dance can encourage them to reach out to other children their age and help reduce anxiety about new people or places. Dance can also help to alleviate fears related to performing in front of an audience.

Life lessons

Not all children will develop into professional dancers. One of our primary goals is to teach life lessons and skills that offer children the best chance for success. Dance education encompasses far more than technique and the steps the children learn. I believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment through learning, experiencing the spirit of teamwork and discovering what they can accomplish through hard work. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies and souls of our students; teaching them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance. ~Rhee Gold

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