Theme: Roll Spin Dance 
This year we will use our dances to our favorite games.
Saturday, May 15
Times TBA
Lincoln Southeast High School Theater

This year we will aim to stage a recital (reinvented) at a theater.  We will need to balance COVID guidelines as they shift and plan for the worst but hope for the best.  


Using a theater comes with lots of added expenses that usually get covered by ticket sales.  Since there will be limited ticket sales to adhere to whatever the health guidelines will be in May, here’s how we will give our dancers a theater experience and cover costs.

When the city in is “yellow” the theater can only seat 115 people, I’m going to hope that will be the color we’ll be in on May 15.  We will create mini-sets/shows based on that assumption.  This is similar to how we originally planned our Christmas show in the dance studio.  I’m going to prioritize the videoing the dances and upload those to our YouTube channel so you can easily share with family and friends.

Instead of selling tickets there will be a Production Fee of $80 per family to be in the show.  Here’s what the $80 covers:
-Theater rental
-Paying LPS staff, custodians, etc.
-CK staff
-Individual and group pictures for you to access free (like we did for Christmas show)
-Video recording/editing
– A limited number of free tickets to watch your dancer


This $80 Production Fee is non-refundable and will be added to your March statement.


In the worst case scenario with Lincoln still being in the “red,” dances will be videoed at CK Dance Academy locale.
Best case scenario (Lincoln in the “green”): Rearrange the show and pack all our friends and family to see the show.


If you do not want to participate in the recital with this new plan please let me know and I can cancel your costume order.  I must know by Friday, Jan. 15, if you wish to only take class and not be in the show.  Otherwise, your account will be charged $80 in March and each family must pay to participate in the May 15th recital.

How to make a ballet bun video

Basic recital make up tutorial


Register for classes today at CK!