“Countdown to Christmas”
Saturday, December 5th and/or 12th

Between 2-7pm (specific times before Thanksgiving)
Location: CK Dance Academy

This year our show will be held in our CK studio.  Our main goal is to keep small numbers and be socially responsible.  We will perform 10 different shows.  Each show will be about 15 minutes.  Here’s a sample schedule:

2-2:15 Arrive at CK, put on costumes, take pictures
2:15-2:30 Dancers perform in wood floor
2:30-2:45 Change into street clothes and find your family
3-3:15 Next group arrives…

  • Everyone wears a mask unless performing.
  • Each dancer will be charged a $30 production fee.  This helps pay for costume rental, decorations, gifts for performers, staff.  If you are in multiple classes you will only get charged once.
  • This performance is optional.  I will assume you are participating unless you call or email to say you are not.
  • There are only 32 chairs per performance.  So, each dancer will have two chairs to fill for their “fan club”. If you would like more seats you can request them and I’ll put your name on a waitlist.

Saturday, December 5

Classes in this show are:

Mon 4:30 BTJ 4-5 Emma
Mon 5:30 BTJ 6-7 Emma
Mon 6:30 BTJ 5-6 Emma
Mon Ballet V/VI Emma
Mon Jazz V/VI Emma
Tues Ballet I/II Emma
Tues Jazz I/II Emma
Tues Teen Fusion
Wed BTJ Maddie
Wed Adv/Adult Tap Maddie
Wed Tap V/VI Maddie
Wed Adv Hip Hop Tahani

Company-Sydney, Aiyana, Teyla, Sophie, Maya, Maddy

Thurs Hip Hop I/II Tahani
Thurs Hip Hop III/IV Tahani
Thurs Acro Tahani
Thurs Tap I/II Emma
Thurs Tap III/IV Emma
Thurs Lyrical III/IV Emma
Sat BT 2-3 Emma and Tue BT 2-3 Kari
Sat Lyrical Emma


Saturday, December 12

Classes in this show are:

Mon BT am Kari
Mon BT 6pm Kari
Mon/Wed HH/Acro Lanie/Kari
Tues BTJ am Kari
Tues Acro Kari
Tues Jazz III/IV Malorie
Tues Ballet III/IV Malorie
Wed BTJ am Kari
Wed HH/Acro am Kari
Sat BTJ 4-5 Ashley
Sat HH/Acro Malorie
Sat Jazz Fusion Malorie
Sat Ballet Fusion Malorie

Company-Kira, Taliyah, Hadlee, Jilli, Jaidah


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