Christmas Show 2024

Saturday, December 10, 2024
Location: Rococo Theatre (140 N. 13th Street, Lincoln)

Production fee of $90 per family will be billed October 1st.
There are costume rentals for classes $30-$80. This will be billed November 1st.

This show is optional so please let Kari know if you cannot participate.

If you have any questions, please call/text Kari at 402.423.4048

Details for show will be added here.

When parents bring their dancers they will need to drop off dancers with the costume parent who will monitor students at that point. There is not much privacy for changing, so you may want a nude leotard so your dancer can change in the open.


Room moms are essential to making the day stress free for the dancers. The chaperone is in charge of keeping the class together, making sure everyone is ready to perform and releasing students to parents. Please let us know if you are interested. We need one or two for each class. Yes, you will be able to watch the show. When it’s time for your class to perform you will walk them to the stage where you will be greeted by a CK staffer.  


We will have costumes, props, backdrop and photographer ready for you to have individual pictures taken at CK Dance Academy. This is a free opportunity for your dancer, you may come at any time. Ashley will take pictures the day of the show and all pictures will be posted to google share and you will be sent an access link.

We will video the show and post to our YouTube channel so you can share it with others.  


Entrance for the show is free. Seating is general admission and we’re expecting a full house. As you seat yourself that day please fill up the seats around you so we make sure everyone has a good view. There is handicapped-accessible seating. 


  • Make sure every performer goes to the restroom and eats breakfast/lunch before they arrive.  
  • There is absolutely no food allowed in the theater. Water only.
  • Have your performer come with tights on and hair done. The costumes will be at the theater for them to change into. The bright stage lights will wash out faces, so we ask that everyone wears some makeup. 
  • Remember correct color tights and shoes. Please LABEL all pieces of clothing.  
  • Performers should be dropped off in the uppermost balcony and be checked in with designated class chaperones. Performers will be with their chaperone for the entire show.
  • When the show is over, send ONE person to pick up your child and check out with your chaperone.  Chaperones will stay with the group until all of the children have been checked out.  
  • Planning a meeting spot with family for hugs and congratulations is a great idea.  
  • Flash cameras are prohibited in the auditorium as well as digital cameras with light up displays (LCD screens). Please tell any friends and family that come with you that no cameras are allowed in the theater. 

Makeup and Extras

Makeup should appear heavy to the eye, once on stage and under the lights it will not appear as dark. (Parents of small children may use their discretion regarding the amount of makeup to be worn. Makeup for small children is not required.) If wearing makeup, please follow the guidelines below.

Eyes: Line the eyes with brown or black eyeliner (you may use pencil or liquid but please keep it a thin line). Curl lashes and use mascara. A small amount of shadow should be worn (use neutral colors that match your eye color).

Cheeks and Lips: A natural shade of pink, red/burgundy should be used to define the lips and accent cheeks. No orange or purple shades please. A translucent powder should be worn under and over makeup to set it and keep moisture to a minimum.

Shoes: All ballet shoes should have the elastic sewn on securely and drawstrings tucked in. Hip hop tennis shoes should be double knotted to avoid coming untied on stage.

Tights: Be sure to check the recital grid as to which color tights you need. There are different shades of tan and pink tights and we want all the dancers on stage to match. We carry tights and have the exact colors available for sale. You can purchase ours or match a pair you already have.

Other notes:

Jewelry of any kind should not be worn. The only exception to this rule is if your child has newly pierced ears (in this situation, small and basic stud earrings should be worn). No nail or toe polish unless it is skin toned.

Panties and undershirts should not be worn with costumes. To maintain a clean, un-bulky line, dance tights are designed to take the place of panties. Wearing underwear with dance attire is like wearing underwear with a swimsuit.

Older dancers should make every effort to find appropriate undergarments that will not show under their costumes.  Bras should be neutral colored with discreet straps, or consider purchasing a “made for dance” undertard to be worn in place of traditional items.

Do not eat or drink (other than water) while wearing costumes. No food will be permitted at the theater so be sure your child has eaten before dressing for the recital.


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